29 Of The Most Impressive Pop Culture Tattoos

Photo: Getty Images.
If you've ever considered getting a tattoo, you've probably had friends and family tell you to choose the design wisely, because it will be a part of your body forever. (Unless you choose to undergo the expensive, and painful, tattoo removal process, that is.)
That's not to say there's no place for lighthearted or fun tattoos — not everything needs to have a deeper meaning. But it does mean that whatever ink you choose to get should be something you're confident you'll still love in a few decades.
That calls into question pop culture tattoos. What if your favourite TV show doesn't age well or your favourite celebrity does something unforgivable? You'll be stuck bearing the likeness for years to come. However, there's no truer way to show your fandom than by making your entertainment interests a literal part of your body. To help make a case for the trend we've rounded up some of the best TV- and movie-inspired tattoos out there.
Click through to see 29 pop culture tattoos you won't regret — in fact, you just might find some inspiration of your own...

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