Why “Effortless French-Girl Hair” Is Trending Right Now

Photo: Courtesy of Kelly Macedo.
Before summer segues into autumn, hair "trends" are relatively nondescript, with many people waiting for September to schedule a salon appointment and relying on topknots to survive the humidity in the meantime. But if you're already thinking about chopping off dry, frazzled flyaways, you might be meditating on what's "in style," or will be soon.
In Los Angeles, hairstylist and salon owner Kelly Macedo of Interior Hair in Los Feliz has clocked a clear desire for low-maintenance, "effortless" styling. At the same time, she's noted a renewed appreciation for vintage-classic cuts, like baby bangs, which feel faintly reminiscent of an old French film but look cool and ahead-of-the-curve mixed into your next Instagram photo dump.
"It's that perfectly undone thing," Macedo explains of her aesthetic and what her clients are asking for. "Anything that's effortless, like Parisian beauty that's not trying too hard; when the hair is a little wild, almost messy. Most clients come in for bangs or face-framing, because that's what I usually post on Instagram, but everyone is looking for effortless hair right now."
When it comes to the structure of a mid-summer, pre-fall haircut, Macedo considers something like a custom curtain fringe to be timeless. "It's always going to be in style, unlike a beach wave or something that in a year or two might not be so cool," Macedo explains, pointing to Brigitte Bardot as the go-to reference. "Long curtain bangs with little bits of face-framing — it's pretty, it's always been pretty, and I think it'll always be pretty."
That said, Macedo says it's a mixed bag, with some women wanting to keep their hair and fringe a little longer, and others going super short and choppy. "I so think we're going to see a lot of chops in the autumn," she predicts. "People are over this last year, and they want to get rid of some length. A bob with a baby bang, I love that. It's so cute on everyone: a girl with super-straight hair, you get that blunt, structured shape; with curly or wavy hair, the texture can do its thing."

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