Beautiful Freckled Faces We Can't Stop Looking At

This week were forced to apologise for running an advert on London's underground walls that suggested freckles were blemishes. Come again? From Anne of Green Gables to Lindsay Lohan via Pippy Long Stocking, the freckled face has been immortalised as a thing of wondrous beauty.

Defying overly airbrushed skin, freckles regularly fill our beauty pages and Tumblr feeds as the epitome of outdoorsy, natural beauty – a fascinating concept for us town-dwellers. Kendall and Bella have been instagramming theirs non-stop, St Tropez sprayed them on catwalk models for Preen this season, and you can even now buy a freckle pencil in Topshop.

And the best thing about freckles? Their unexpectedness. They decorate darker tones, litter shoulders and backs, and make a person that extra bit special. From Adwoa Aboah to Bella Hadid, here's a selection of our favourite freckles for you to muse over.

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