Model Dree Hemingway Talks Spots, Buzzcuts & Dangerous Decisions

Photo Courtesy of Stef Mitchell.
From modelling to acting, Dree Hemingway dabbles in a number of unique and exciting pursuits. Her latest gig? Joining the likes of musician Kelela and model HyunJi Shin as one of the distinctive ambassadors chosen to represent Paco Rabanne's new Pacollection fragrance family.
Ahead, Dree discusses the importance of her role in the campaign, which encapsulates individual expression and heroism, and divulges her low-maintenance hair and makeup routine.
Photo Courtesy of Stef Mitchell.
The Pacollection campaign is about "strength", "bravery" and making a "positive change" – who are the individuals that you believe are making positive changes in the world today?
I think that women in every single industry are making positive changes at the moment, and that’s so important to me. I really admire that. Women are taking their moment to have a voice and that’s cool. Greta Thunberg is incredible. She is definitely one of my top picks for social work.
This isn’t your first fragrance campaign. How does it compare to the others and what do you like best about it?
Paco was my first ever fragrance. I like that it’s daring to be a little bit more bold and different to what we’ve seen in the fragrance department. It’s about being an individual and I’m happy that I get to be a part of that.
Your fragrance is Dangerous Me – how would you describe it in three words?
I think Dangerous Me is bold, willing to take risks and green.
What's the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?
Buzzing my head. I did it for a movie and it was written in the script that my character Peaches had a buzzed head. The director said, "We can discuss it if you don’t want to do it," but because it terrified me so much I actually really wanted to. My hair has always been a security blanket as a female. When I did it, it was a discovery of who Dree really was instead of this outer identity. It was nice. I really got to know myself in a sense. More so than before.
What is your favourite smell that is not a perfume?
Jasmine is my favourite smell. My mother would wear jasmine and we had night-blooming jasmine in the backyard growing up. There’s something about that smell that is so perfect. It’s the best.
Your hair is much shorter now. Are there any products or techniques you rely on for great hair?
My hair grows every week, so it’s always a little different. Styling is low maintenance, but it’s pretty high maintenance when I shampoo it because then I have to figure out how to grease it up so I don’t look like a poodle. I’m really into Oribe’s Crème For Style. I don’t blow-dry my hair so I slather it in there when it’s wet.
The technique I use to get it back into shape after washing it is wetting it and doing that over again throughout the day. I wake up looking like a teenage boy and my hair is all over the place, literally in all different directions! It’s been interesting. With long hair you can take a lot of inspiration from places and cut it in a specific shape but this is like, Okay, what works for me?
I like Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo but I normally only condition my hair. I haven’t actually washed my hair in a week and a half. I did this even when it was buzzed because I don’t like to strip the natural oils from my hair. I think it’s better to shampoo your hair once a week than every day. I also love the Sachajuan Scalp Conditioner, and their Hair Cleansing Cream
What’s your current skincare routine?
I have an amazing facialist named Biba in Los Angeles who saved my skin because I have tons of pimples on my chin. I’m always the person who turns up for a photoshoot like, Sorry! She makes my favourite serum and toner but I also use SPF 50 every day and I mix my sunscreen with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, for a subtle finish. Before I go to bed though, I must always wash my face. 
What are your quick fixes or remedies on bad skin days?
Zinc cream. It’s thick and white but it’s literally saved my skin. I always put witch hazel all over my face and then zinc on top of it. Tons of water, too.
Your makeup is minimal yet sophisticated – which products do you swear by on a daily basis?
The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and the Dior Concealer Stick if I want more coverage. I’ve really fallen in love with the MILK Lip + Cheek and that’s really it. If I do put on mascara, it’s always Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume HD Mascara in Intense Brown.
You’ve worked with lots of big makeup artists and hairstylists. Are there any products that they have recommended to you on set, which you now love?
There’s a gold Chanel lip gloss that a makeup artist used on me once, which is amazing. I usually put Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream on my eyelids to make them shiny and greasy-looking but this gloss has a slightly gold tinge and it’s really nice. I don’t like foundation at all because I think it makes me look older. I discovered the tinted moisturiser on set. Less is more.
There are a lot of Japanese products, like lipsticks, which I have really enjoyed but I never know where to get them over here. I feel like I pick up little techniques that makeup artists do, rather than the products they’re using, for example using different brushes for blending. If I put concealer on, I’ll always use a small, fluffy brush to blend it in. I work with the best. I’m not good at doing a full face of makeup because I look like Little Miss Sunshine!
Your aunt Margaux was also a model – has she influenced your modelling career in any way?
Hugely. She is my biggest inspiration for everything I do in my life. She had a very raw sense of beauty and I really admire that. Her photos and the diary of her life are incredible. She’s my style and beauty icon. In terms of beauty inspiration, because Margaux died when I was around 7, I just did the good old I’m going to stare at you thing when I was younger. That and constantly researching photos of her. She was an Idaho girl. She makes me happy.
Are there any books you’ve read recently that you would recommend?
I just started reading a book called Making Movies by Sidney Lumet, which is good. It’s very straightforward and simple but it’s about the career that I’m very much in love with. It’s different to hear about from a different perspective. I also read My Year of Rest And Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh, which gave me anxiety the whole way through but I loved it! I was so worried for the girl!
You've also started reading plays. Do you have any recommendations?
Yes, I started reading plays for the first time in my life and it’s making me really happy. I follow the play that’s on Broadway right now with Jake Gyllenhaal, called Sea Wall / A Life. It’s two different acts on different topics and it’s incredible.
How would you describe your style when you are at home?
It’s always been a bit of a tomboy mix with a flirty vibe.
Where do you like to shop for clothes?
It’s hard. I find things randomly. I like Etsy for vintage and I love Dover Street Market for discovering a great selection of semi-unknown brands, which are really creative. I try not to shop too much because I have a lot of clothes. I also really love What Goes Around Comes Around but it’s so expensive. I will venture in there and buy one piece probably not that often, but it’s a present to myself. I also really like By Far, which is my favourite for shoes. They do really cool '90s sandals and little heels.
Photo Courtesy of Stef Mitchell.
Paco Rabanne EDP Pacollection Dangerous Me £65 for 62ml, is available exclusively at Selfridges.

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