Dolly Parton Explains Why She Mentions Adele In Her New Song

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Dolly Parton has explained why Adele gets a cute name-check in one of her new songs. In "Head Over High Heels," a song from Parton's latest album Pure & Simple, the country legend sings, "I painted my lips red - and my eyes like Adele." "When I started that song, I had not planned to write that line," Parton tells the BBC. "I was just thinking, 'This needs to be about a girl dressing up sexy, so she's got to have some make-up, and she's got to paint her eyes.' And all of a sudden it's like, 'And my eyes like Adele!'" "Everyone loves Adele," Parton says. "With all my little nieces, it's all 'Adele this' and 'Adele that!' And I love how she does her make-up, and so I'm always saying to my little nieces, 'can you fix my eyes like Adele?""

Pure & Simple
, which, remarkably, is the 43rd studio album of Parton's five-decade recording career, hit shelves yesterday, meaning Adele can now hear the song for herself. "I think she'll have to be complimented, just like I'm always complimented when people write songs about me!" Parton tells the BBC. "I just meant I wanted to look like Adele. I hope she thinks it's cute."

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