These Beauty Looks Are Taking Brand Loyalty To A Whole New Level

Photo: Via @imarninails.
As the saying goes, "Find something you love and never let it go." Sure, whoever first uttered those iconic words was probably musing about love, friendship, or finding passion in your daily life, but it's definitely open to interpretation. For some, it even includes brands.
Brand loyalty is a constant topic of discussion — and for good reason. Why do certain companies strike a cord with us, while others fall flat? "The reason we advocate brands in our lives are the reasons we advocate friends in our lives. That is, we genuinely like them," Jeff Mancini, director of digital strategy for Interbrand, a company that consults with brands, told Forbes. "We feel for brands similarly to the way we feel for friends." It's certainly true for celebrities — Rihanna and BFF Adam Selman, Lady Gaga and the late Alexander McQueen, and just about every model and Alexander Wang — but not everyone thinks it's that simple.
"In general, consumers who have fallen in love with a brand exhibit extensive involvement," writes Tobias Langner, Jennifer Schmidt, and Alexander Fischier in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing. Some even take it a step further: "They participate in brand communities, travel long routes to meet like-minded people at brand conventions, or even tattoo themselves with the label of their beloved brand." Suffice it to say, the psychology is complex and opinions are varied, but one thing is certain: Many of us will find a way to identify, whether we can afford to or not.
For those of us who feel this loyalty, but can't drop thousands of pounds on our affiliation of choice, there are other ways to join a designer's army of fans. The most recent, and craftiest, way to mark your territory? Drawing designer logos and prints onto nails and faces. The result is equal parts brazen and chic.
Ahead, feast your eyes on 10 looks that take brand advocacy to a whole new level.

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