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The Viral CeraVe Cleansers That Are Right For Your Skin Type

When it comes to good skincare, cleansing is a non-negotiable. Just think about it: have you ever heard of a regime that doesn’t start with a cleansed face? 
Not only does it help to remove dirt, pollution and dead skin cells that can lead to breakouts, dry skin and even premature ageing but it also allows the rest of your products to work correctly. Consider it like building a house without a solid foundation underneath – if you don’t start correctly, nothing else will work. 
But how do you know which cleanser is right for you? It starts with identifying your skin type – whether that’s dry, oily or combination. Then you want to immediately stop using anything that leaves your skin feeling tight or irritated and, finally, you want to pick a formula that is both effective and enjoyable to use, whether that’s a cream, foam or hybrid.   
With so much to be gained from getting the right cleanser, it comes as no surprise that beauty enthusiasts the world over are currently going mad on social media for CeraVe’s cult range, developed with dermatologists. 
Below, we take a deeper dive into these viral cleansers to find out which is right for which skin type and speak to three women – all with different skin needs – to learn why they’ve found the perfect formulas…

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