Why You Should Add Water-Gel Skin Care To Your Routine

Water — maybe you've heard of it? — is vital for all known forms of life here on earth (which, by the way, is 71% water in and of itself), and yet we use its derivatives as a synonym for weak. Nobody ever asks for a watery cocktail or cup of coffee, and a "watered-down" version of something is just a gentle, passive-aggressive way of saying it's the same thing, but worse. But if it's run-of-the-mill moisturisers you find too strong for your liking — too rich, too heavy, too creamy — forget your anti-dilution prejudice: Their watered-down counterparts strike just the right balance.
Lighter than your typical lightweight moisturiser (no, really), these gel-like formulas feel like nothing going on, but leave even dry skin types shockingly well-hydrated. It's sort of like when you complain about the Happy Hour drinks being weak so you order another and another and then suddenly the room is spinning and you're DMing your ex. Ahead, the best new water gels and creams to add to your list of things you can't live without... right after actual water, of course. You're still going to need that, no matter how much ice has already melted in your margarita on the rocks.

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