The Sci-Fi Beauty Tools That Will Transform Your Routine

It is nigh impossible to enter a Boots store and leave without being £30 down, laden with two bags full of suspiciously unwarranted new additions to your beauty cabinet. Spray moisturiser anyone?
However, changing your beauty regime, shaking up your makeup bag and adding some advanced technology to your bathroom shelves is sometimes a good idea. Why? Because if we don't do it, we carry on using that same eye-makeup remover from 12 months ago that our friend left when she stayed over and we blithely continue to use that battered old eyelash curler each morning.
So, when there's so much newness to discover in the beauty world and most that is better left untested (mascara "foundation" seems one step too far), which are the truly transformative products that are well worth the investment?
From new tools that will help take your face to a whole new level of cleanliness, to innovative face masks that will rejuvenate your skin, it's time to step into the brave new world of beauty. You won't look back.

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