5 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick On Holiday

photographed by Caroline Tompkins; modeled by Imani Palmer; produced by Julie Borowsky; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez.
There's nothing quite like the feeling you get right before going on a vacation. You set your out-of-office email, grab your carry-on bag, and jump on a plane... only to get sick once you get to your destination.
As sucky as it is, traveling really can leave you more vulnerable to illness.
Albert Ahn, MD, clinical instructor of Internal Medicine at NYU Langone Health, says that traveling and being in crowded spaces like planes, airports, buses, or trains, can expose you to a lot of different germs. Not to mention, getting from one place to the other often puts you under a lot of stress, and that's not great for your health, either.
"Travel in general puts stress on the body, and anything that puts stress on the body weakens the immune system, and makes you more susceptible to illness," Dr. Ahn says.
Still, there are ways to avoid getting sick so that you can really enjoy your hard-earned vacation days. Read on for some tips on not letting a couple of germs ruin your time off.

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