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Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Serum Is All You Need For Better Brows

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Anastasia Soare is the undisputed queen of brows. You might know her as brow artist to the stars, including Kendall Jenner, Victoria Beckham and the Kardashians. But she is better known for being the mastermind behind eponymous brow brand Anastasia Beverly Hills.
Countless high-profile makeup artists and beauty influencers will tell you right off the bat that Anastasia Beverly Hills is their all-time favourite brow brand, and for good reason: it has everything. Its brow pencil, Brow Wiz, is a staple in most makeup kits. Though it's an OG product, it recently achieved viral TikTok status alongside Brow Freeze (a brow gel that doesn't budge — take it from me) for making light work of achieving fuller brows naturally. No harsh lines or flaky patches here.
But it's safe to say that one product in particular has whipped up the most hype recently and that's because it's brand spanking new to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow dynasty.
Anastasia has spent the majority of her career making sure we have all the tools necessary to nail selfie-worthy arches. So a serum, which improves the texture of brow hairs, boosts the appearance of naturally thicker brows and encourages manageability (perfect if yours don't stay in place) is certainly a welcome addition.
So what makes Brow Genius special? First of all, it's packed with peptides (essentially proteins) which can prevent hair breakage. Ultra-moisturising ingredient panthenol helps to smooth and soften thick hairs with a mind of their own, while biotin creates fuller-looking hairs and castor oil conditions hairs deeply.
The brand can back it all up, too. Used every day, morning and night, for a minimum of eight weeks, Brow Genius has been proven to reduce breakage by 52%, improve texture by 82% and boost smoothness and softness by 85%.
So where does it fit in your beauty routine? Think of it as another easy step in your AM and PM skincare ritual. Anastasia suggests applying the product directly to clean brows, concentrating it to sparse areas. Let the formula dry down completely before grooming or styling your brows — and remember, consistency is key if you really want to reap the benefits.
Anastasia certainly knows her stuff when it comes to brows, which is why the serum has amassed heaps of five-star reviews online already. "This serum has helped get rid of sparse areas in my brows and has made them a lot more manageable," wrote one reviewer, while another who had bought and loved the serum said: "I've use [sic] tons of brow serums and this one works faster than any other I've used."
If you're not yet sold, Refinery29's Breanna Davis trialled the product for 29 days and noticed that the tail ends of her brows appeared darker and less sparse. "They kind of formed their own agreeable shapes instead of me having to create them," Breanna said in the video posted to the R29 Style Instagram page. "I'm glad Anastasia added biotin in as an ingredient to make the strands look fuller," said Breanna in the video. "Something I really liked is that it doesn't stay tacky so it didn't affect my regular eyebrow routine," she added.
Anastasia told R29 that Brow Genius is a full-circle moment for the brand. "It pairs my experience with eyebrows and everything that I've learned over the last 30 years about making an extraordinary brow product," she said.
Sure enough, long before brow-boosting trends like brow mapping took over social media, Anastasia pioneered techniques like the golden ratio method, which determines the most flattering brow shape for your face.
@anastasiabeverlyhills Happy #NationalBrowDay!! 😍 Did you know the brow queen Anastasia created the Golden Ratio Eyebrow Shaping Technique so everyone could put their best brow forward?! It’s designed to match your unique bone structure and deliver balance and proportion because... “We believe beauty is about balance and proportion, not perfection.” - Anastasia Soare 💖 #AnastasiaBeverlyHills #brows #beauty #beautyhacks ♬ original sound - ABH Cosmetics
The very clever hack actually relies on your nose. According to the method, your brow should begin above the outer tip of your nose. Imagine a line extending upwards (or use the very handy Brow Wiz as a guide). Your arch should then connect with the middle of the tip, running through the centre of the iris, and the end of your brow should align with the outer corner of your nostril. Here's an easy tutorial, posted by Anastasia herself, to help you out.
With that in mind, the Brow Genius Conditioning Serum is much more of a fast-track to brows you're happy with (and anything that shaves a little time off getting ready in the morning gets our vote).

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