Everything You Need To Know About Air-Drying Your Hair

Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory.
Can I get an amen for air-drying? For those of us who lack the time, energy, or desire to repeatedly shoot a concentrated stream of scorching hot air on our delicate strands, going heat-free is both liberating and practical. Not to mention all the money you save on heat-protecting sprays.
No shade to the blowout fans — massive kudos to you for your dedication and brush-and-blow mastery — but it seems more and more of us are embracing a tool-less lifestyle. As Hairstory founder Michael Gordon puts it, "A woman looks fabulously glamorous without looking like she did too much."
Now, as we much we adore the low-touch hair routine, there is one undeniable truth: If you don't know what you're doing, your hair can look kind of shitty. The let-it-be coif sounds good in theory, unless your post-shower dry leaves you with limp-noodle strands, fluffed-out coils, or a weird clump of hair sticking straight out. As Gordon notes, not every hair pattern is the same, meaning no two people's hair dries the same way. Factors like if your hair is colour-treated, how it's been cut, its texture, and the products you use all have a big impact on how your hair looks when it dries.
But just because you're going au naturel doesn't mean you're just supposed to throw your hands up and deal with whatever manifests on your head. All it takes to get the air-dry of your dreams is a little product know-how and some secret tips from a stylist who abides by the heat-free ethos.
Which is why we tapped Gordon and Hairstory stylist Remy Moore to teach you six different ways to create a baller style for your hair type. From glamour curls to a pixie with just the right amount of quirk, these techniques will help you nail the IDGAF look — without having to spend two hours blasting your head with a dryer.
Click on to learn the subtle art of the air-dry.

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