7 Solutions For Acne Scars That Actually Work

There have been huge advances in treating adult acne or the ghosts of teenage skin. Tarryn Warren, Head Dermatology Therapist at Pfeffer Sal, told Refinery29: “Ultimately to combat acne scars, and adult acne, you really need to look at a lifestyle approach and long term changes. We can experience acne for many reasons including hormones, diet or stress.” Warren confirms that some treatments can make a huge difference, like micro-needling which is highly impactful because it “promotes blood flow and new skin formation, giving you a renewed and improved complexion.” Another less painful option? Warren swears by copper supplements. Regardless of what route you decide to go down, she suggests adding Copper Amino Isolate by NIOD to your cabinet – "which stimulates the healing process by stabilising melanocytes, helping remove pigmentations and promotes collagen production."
From over the counter lotions to local anesthetic lasers and needlings, welcome to the start line of undoing the history of your skin.

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