From Vitamin C To AHA: 5 Key Ingredients To Rejuvenate Your Skin

For some of us, anti-ageing seems like an approach we don’t need to take for a while yet. The rest of us, however, may already be noticing the signs or have been combating them for years. Whatever age and stage you’re at, it’s never too early nor too late to start the process. But where to begin? The best place is on the back of the bottle. As overwhelming as ingredients lists can be, it’s crucial to learn at least a few names and exactly what they do.
We’ve curated a list of five (yes, just five!) ingredients you need on your radar for fighting the signs of ageing skin. Some you’ve probably heard of, others maybe not so much, but that’s what we’re here for. And while there’s definitely no need for a lengthy 10-step skincare routine, it's essential to add a couple more steps and products if you’ve been skipping out on them without realising it. Considering that skin mostly ages due to skin cells becoming slower to renew themselves (meaning dead skin stays on the surface for longer while fresh new skin is trapped underneath) as well as decreased hydration and elasticity, we look to ingredients to mimic these duties and keep skin functioning at this level.
Excited to learn? Click on for the complete breakdown and where each one fits into your routine…

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