Try A Little Tenderness During The Harvest Moon in Pisces

Photographed by Megan Madden.
During a full moon, when the sun and moon are in direct opposition, we can feel the energy of the juxtaposition radiate upon us. We can manifest our dreams, release outdated views in favour of newer beliefs, assess relationships through a clear lens, and take steps towards building a brighter future. 
At 9.59 a.m. GMT on September 10, the harvest full moon will rise in Pisces. This is the full moon that occurs closest to the autumn equinox on September 22, and this year it marks the nearing of the last days of summer. This full moon is a time of abundance and growth, as the crops are now ready to harvest for the cooler months ahead. Here on Earth, we’re feeling the urge to wrap up our seasonal goals and shift into a new phase. We can appreciate the fruits of our labour and the growth that we’ve made as individuals and as a collective. 
At this time, the methodical Virgo sun and tender Pisces moon are challenging us to embrace our heartfelt needs without thinking too much about how, why, or what we are giving. Our emotions are peaking, but in a gentle and caring way that allows us to live with compassion and empathy — instead of critiquing everything under the sun, which the Virgo element suggests we do. 
This lunation loosely connects with the action planet Mars (which is currently in Gemini), aligns with revolutionary Uranus (which is retrograde in Taurus), and the karmic Nodes of Destiny that are traveling along the Taurus-Scorpio path. Altogether, this positioning alludes to a moment in time that is pushing us to lean into a soulful experience that will ignite our inner selves with passion and zeal. 
A great way to balance the energy is to start a gratitude journal where we can put down in writing all the blessings in our lives. In order to appreciate what we have and help us want to pay it forward, it’s important that we realise how wonderful many aspects of our lives are and how much love we can give to others. Another technique is to go within our hearts and meditate. Once we connect with our subconscious and bring our deepest sentiments to the light, we can move toward guiding our spirit to its truest path. 
The impulse to give freely will be high, as the cosmos are bringing out our altruistic sentiments. The sensitive and sympathetic Pisces moon wants to put others first, but we must ensure that we are giving equal amounts of energy to ourselves as well. In order to care for others and society at large, we must make sure that our loving cup is not empty. It’s hard to nurture and care for people when our energy is depleted. 
Right now, we will want to give back to the community and commit to a cause that we care deeply about. It is not just our duty, but an essential ingredient of life to help others. With Mars and Uranus in aspect with the moon, we will be called to take a stand for humanity. The Nodes of Destiny are making it part of our fate to join in the fight that aligns with our core beliefs or defend those in need. 
As long as we try to make the universe better, it can happen. It takes one person to make a difference. Hope for a better world is a goal that we can all attain, therefore it’s important to send inspiration or niceties to those who are suffering. They’ll appreciate the sentiment. 
Love is the answer to this lunation. Acceptance of ourselves and others is imperative. Whether we choose to give more to the community, friends, or ourselves, we must lead with an open heart and mind. Rather than turning a blind eye to problems, give a little bit of your time to help anyone asking for assistance. Keep in mind that all living beings are connected, and the more we pay it forward, the more we get in return.

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