Flo Milli Is “Conceited” & Not Ashamed To Say It

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Flo Milli, the 22-year-old princess of rap, is back with her latest track and video for “Conceited.” Produced by Fyre, Trinidad James, and Kosine, the fun and unapologetic track will feature on her newly announced debut album, You Still Here, Ho?, and reminds us why she’s a mainstay on our playlists.
Flo Milli delivers memorable bars with a side of attitude that exudes a powerful and unfaltering confidence over an energetic beat. It pairs perfectly with the dynamic and vibrant visuals in the accompanying music video, which features Flo Milli in different locations — the nail salon, the streets — looking fabulous while surrounded by other Black women. The track promotes self-love and female empowerment as Flo Milli expresses that she doesn’t need a man’s money because, as she puts it, “Milli got milli’s cause Milli got hits.” The song may be a short two minutes and twenty-six seconds, but the catchy hook (“Feelin’ myself, I’m conceited”) will no doubt repeat in your head for longer. 
Throughout the song, Flo Milli drives home the point that she’s “been that b**** since a fetus,” and makes it hard for the listener to not sing along. Flo Milli also makes it clear that she will not be pushed into a corner (“Please don’t bark ‘cause Milli bite back”). She knows she has earned her stripes and refuses to take anything less than what she deserves, which — be clear — is everything. In this track, Flo Milli is unabashedly conceited, and her cocky energy is delightfully infectious. The braggadocious lyrics encourage radical self-acceptance and independence that some could only describe as conceited, and here, it’s a good thing. 
Flo Milli’s return goes to further secure her status as one of the most exciting and promising new names in rap. The powerhouse rapper’s new track goes to show that not only is she here to stay, but that she plans to continue her rise as a dominating force in rap. While the tracklist of her upcoming album has not been released yet, Flo Milli fans know to expect hits as the rapper consistently releases quality tracks each time. 
Watch her new video below:

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