TikTok Is Not Ready For Ariana Grande & Doja Cat’s Upcoming Collab

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Ariana Grande just revealed that she and Doja Cat have recorded the song of the summer. Doja Cat has blown up this past year thanks to "MOOO!" and "Say So," which went viral on TikTok and got a Nicki Minaj remix that just hit No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100. Now, she's partnered with none other than Grande for an unreleased bop that the "Thank U, Next" singer teased in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music as her "favourite so far."
First off, there could not be two more iconic 2020 pop culture figures than Grande and Doja Cat. The two not only have a penchant for dropping guaranteed hits, but both have strong presences on TikTok, which is taking over the world. Doja Cat's songs "Say So," "Juicy," and "Like That" have all gone viral on the video-sharing platform, and while Grande doesn't have an account herself, she's often impersonated on the app by lookalikes and fans. Put these two together, and you have surefire hit that's TikTok-approved.
"I'm obsessed with her. I love her," Grande said of Doja Cat in the interview, adding, "We did this song together towards the end of last year and I love it so much. I remember when I first wrote it and sent it to her, she was in the shower and she was like, 'Bitch, I love this. I'm in the shower.' And I was like, 'Shower. You can call me back.'"
While Grande says there's "no rush" to release the song, Doja Cat appears to understand we need it ASAP.
"She called me back, and she was twerking to it, and her hair was falling off. She twerked so hard that her wig fully flew off. She had a whole verse done, everything was done," Grande recounted. "I was like, 'First of all, you ate.' She was like, 'How many bars can I take? Because this is mad inspiring and I want to just go.' And I was like, 'Take as many bars as you want. Do it. If you're inspired to say stuff, let's go.' And so she just goes off on it, and it's so much fun, and I love it. It's my favourite so far."
Should I start making up the TikTok dance now or...?

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