The New 2020 Emojis Are More Gender-Inclusive Than Ever

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy.
New gender-inclusive emojis, including the transgender flag and symbol, are among the 62 new emojis officially approved for 2020 by the Unicode Consortium, the organisation in charge of developing the official emojis of the world. Also coming in 2020 are an additional 55 gender and skin-tone variants, including Mx Claus, Man With Veil, and Woman In Tuxedo.
There's also Pinched Fingers (think chef's kiss), Bubble Tea, People Hugging, Disguised Face (with mustache glasses and all), and Ninja among the full list of 117 new emojis. This list follows last year's Unicode 12.0, which brought better representation of people with disabilities as well as more variation of gender identity and race within couples. And who could forget that controversial period blood emoji?
You can expect to see these new Unicode 13.0 emojis in action starting this fall, when Apple, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms will begin to roll out their respective variations. Until then, you can use this "pinching hand" emoji to get your point across — no matter what, um, subject matter you're referring to.

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