8 Women On The Highs & Lows Of Living At Home With Their Parents

Photographed by Matilda Hill Jenkins.
There are nearly a million more young adults in the UK living with their parents than there were two decades ago, according to a new report by the think tank Civitas. A quarter of 20 to 34-year-olds now live at home, but in London, where private rents and house prices are out of control, this rises to 41%. The figure is slightly lower in the most affordable areas, like northeast England (14%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (17%), but it's clear we're seeing a huge generational shift in the age at which young adults are financially able to fly the nest and start fending for themselves. In 1998, 37% of 23-year-olds lived at home, compared to 49% in 2017.
Many of these young adults are part of the so-called "boomerang generation", who have returned home after previously living independently, while others have simply never left. Whatever their reasons for living at home (wanting to save money being the most obvious), it's an arrangement with very real highs and lows when it comes to privacy, social life and, of course, sex. Ahead, eight women share their no-holds-barred experiences.

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