iPads, MacBook Air, AirPods? Everything Apple Is Rumored To Be Announcing Next Week

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The new iPhone Xr is finally arriving tomorrow, but Apple isn't sitting back and taking a break anytime soon. They already have another product announcement event set for October 30 with rumours flying about an updated iPad Pro, and new versions of the MacBook Air, iMac, and Mac Mini, maybe even new AirPods. Here are the rumorus so far.
iPad Pro & iPad Mini
The latest generation of iPhone got some noticeable style upgrades and fans are expecting the same for the new iPad Pro, most notably the removal of the Home Button. There is also talk of a new Apple Pencil being released in tandem with the iPad Pro. Perhaps one of the most exciting rumoured improvements is the addition of a USB-C port which would allow the Pro to output video to a 4K display. While most of the iPad rumours have centred around the Pro, the Mini is expected to see some improvements to its design and functionality as well.
AirPods 2
People haven't paid this much attention to a pair of white earbuds since the release of the iPod. Ever since their initial release in December 2016, the AirPods (which were initially met with some skepticism) have become an instant favourite among Apple consumers. The much anticipated follow up was rumoured to be announced at the last Apple Keynote in September, but when no release date was mentioned, people started looking forward to the next event for news on the popular accessory. Apple hasn't confirmed the rumours, many believe that summoning Siri without the use of a button, greater water resistance, and wireless charging with be some of the new features.
MacBook Air
Historically Apple's most affordable laptop, the MacBook Air is overdue for an update. It's remained relatively unchanged since its initial release in 2010, and is one of the oldest models of MacBook currently offered by the company. It's suspected that most of the updates would be getting it caught up with the other MacBooks, specifically its hardware: A Retina display, faster processor, and modern USB-C ports are all rumoured upgrades that could be announced on October 30.
iMac & Mac Mini
It sounds like most of Apple's plans for October 30 centre around their line of computers. Regulatory filings on the Eurasian Economic Commission's website show four new model numbers. Only one refers to a laptop which is more than likely the MacBook Air upgrade, the others are thought to be desktops, reports CNET. Not much is known about what the updates could include, but considering the differences between the hardware in the newer MacBooks and MacBook Pros, faster processors and USB-C ports are likely (and expected) upgrades.
Among Apple's newest technology, the AirPower wireless, multi-device charging mat is still shrouded in mystery. It's been over a year since it was first announced and there is still no multi-device, wireless charger in sight. Though some still suspect that Apple could announce an updated rollout, it's not as likely as the other rumoured releases. There are no details on Apple's website, but information about a wireless charging case for the new AirPods is, so chances are the AirPower charger can't be far behind.

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