The “Say My Name” Line You’ve Been Saying Wrong For 20 Years

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Nothing is sacred, not even the first .2 seconds of Destiny Child's "Say My Name." The hit single features a popular riff from producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins that up until last night was believed to be the words "Darkchild NaNa." But hold onto your butt, because it turns out that's not what he's saying at all.
Jerkins reposted a video of singer Kierra Sheard covering the track, captioning it "Get it @kierrasheard#SayMyName Darkchild NaNa."
"You said darkchild, nana? I thought you said Darkchild, nine nine!!!" a fan commented on his post, spotted by BuzzFeed. "My life has been nothing but lies now lollll."
However, Jerkins hit back with a surprising reveal.
"Actually said 99 but everybody turned into nana so I just rock with it lol," he explained.
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Get it @kierrasheard #SayMyName Darkchild NaNa

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Why 99? Well, that's the year "Say My Name" was released, and if you pay attention to his later work, it sounds like he changes the year each time. For instance, on the Spice Girls' "Holler" he can be heard saying "Darkchild 2000," which is the year the single dropped.
This means we better start paying attention to the other "Darkchild" riffs we hear, already catalogued in this exhaustive playlist — but we'll take any excuse to listen to all his music again.

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