Cardi B Says Giving Birth "Broke" Her Vagina

Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images.
Childbirth may be a wonderful occurrence, but as Cardi B found, it definitely was harder than she thought it'd be.
Cardi, who gave birth to her daughter Kulture in July, made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night, where she discussed the very real pains of childbirth.
"It was totally harder," she told Kimmel. "She broke my vagina."
She continued: "Why nobody tells you about those things? Nobody told me they were gonna stitch my vagina,. People just be like, 'Oh, you know, when you give birth, it’s gonna hurt.'"
She's not the only new mum who has pointed out just how little we talk about the realities of childbirth. Nor is she the first to describe her "broken vagina," for that matter.
Your vagina can definitely change after natural childbirth — it's not unusual for the vagina to feel wider, dry, or sore, and the perineum (the skin between the vagina and the anus) may tear. Despite those pains, Cardi told Kimmel that she was definitely enjoying motherhood.
"It’s the best," she said. "It’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I should have had you when I was a teenager. This is what I was missing my whole life? I love you.'"

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