New iPhones, Watch, AirPods? Everything Apple Is Expected To Launch This Week

This Wednesday, September 12, you can finally decide whether it's worth simply replacing the battery on your existing iPhone or upgrading to a new model entirely. At 12 pm (6pm UK time), Tim Cook will take the stage, alongside other top Apple execs, to reveal the latest lineup of iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and maybe (just maybe), new AirPods.
Below, a full breakdown of everything the company is expected to announce. Although, given Apple's reputation for keeping things under wraps, there could always be some surprises.
iPhones: Yes, Apple's wearables division is growing fast, but for now, iPhones are still the star of the annual Apple event.
Rumours strongly suggest at least three new iPhones will be announced: An updated version of the iPhone X called the iPhone XS, with some software updates, but many of the same features that debuted with last year's 5.8-inch model; a larger, 6.5-inch version of the XS that BGR reports will be called the iPhone XS Max (not the iPhone XS Plus); and a less expensive, 6.1-inch iPhone (possibly called iPhone XC) with a single camera and an LED screen, as opposed to an OLED screen.
9to5Mac leaked images showing gold versions of the new XS and XS Max, while the 6.1-inch model has been speculated to come in red and blue.
iOS 12: We already know what will be included in iOS 12 (Memoji! Screen time! Grouped notifications!) but we don't yet know when it will be released. Apple will likely announce the roll-out date on Wednesday.
Watch: Apple has given the Apple Watch an upgrade every year since it was released in 2015, and this year looks to be no different. Leaked images from 9to5Mac show two new versions of what will probably be called the Apple Watch Series 4.
Each version is expected to be slightly larger than before (40 mm and 45 mm, compared to the current 38 mm and 42 mm offerings), and have a bigger, edge-to-edge display that can show more information at once. The images show subtle tweaks to the side button and crown, and what may be an additional microphone.
AirPower & AirPods: While new versions of Watch and the iPhone fall in the "definitely" bucket of Apple event rumours, news about accessories are more up in the air.
A full year after Apple first announced AirPower, a wireless charging mat that makes it easy to power up your iPhone, Watch, and AirPods at once, we may finally get a release date. There may also be a second version of AirPods. Bloomberg previously reported that future models of the once-mocked, now beloved, wireless earphones, will let you interact with Siri via voice command (versus the current double tap), and will be water resistant. However, these are big maybes for next week's event.
iPad Pro: There's a chance Apple could reveal a new iPad Pro, with a larger screen and thinner bezels, but the company may wait for a later date to reveal upgrades here and to its Mac lineup.
Refinery29 will be attending and reporting the latest from next week's Apple event. Stay tuned for more news about the latest Apple announcements.

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