8 Hair Products Nigerian Beauty Bloggers Always Buy

In his heyday, Lil' Wayne had the ability to turn a one-liner into a saying that lasted a lifetime. (How many times have you heard "long hair don't care"?). So when he bragged that he was "tougher than Nigerian hair," people picked up on the saying — no matter how offensive the quip was. "It’s really frustrating that people don’t view Africans as having beautiful hair," Jackie Aina tells us. "It’s also frustrating when people see my hair and say things like, 'Well, your hair looks like that because you’re not fully Nigerian.' In reality, the coily, pillow-soft texture that I have comes from the Nigerian side of my family. Our hair is diverse, too."
Vlogger Chizi Duru, who has over 277,000 YouTube subscribers, feels the same way. "My grandmother had completely curly hair. My cousin has coarse and wavy hair. My brother has a blend of wavy hair and tight coils," she notes. "Nigerian hair does not have one look because we are multifaceted people with over 250 ethnic groups." With that texture diversity comes a diverse range of products that Nigerian women use for cleansing, hydration, and definition — and some of our favourite influencers are sharing their go-to products, ahead.

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