The Latest 'Reason' You Can't Afford A House Defies Belief

Despite a slight drop in recent months, the average property price in London remains an astronomical £472,000 – more than double the national average of £225,000.
It's no surprise, then, that actually owning your own home seems like a pipe dream to many young Londoners.
But a new report – provocatively interpreted by the Evening Standard – may have found a solution. Apparently our progress up the property ladder is being stalled by our indulgent decision to hire cleaners instead of scrubbing sinks, dusting shelves and mopping floors ourselves. Who knew?!
Predictably, the suggestion that paying for cleaners is thwarting millennials' home-owning ambitions is being ridiculed on Twitter. One user pointed out that the sums don't even come close to adding up.
Another noted that something is seriously wrong with the housing market when hiring a cleaner becomes more affordable than saving for a house deposit. Check out a series of reactions below.
The original report by the app Airtasker actually found that 16% of under-35s hire a cleaner, compared to 9% of people in older age groups.
The app's UK general manager, Lucas London, placed a positive interpretation on the findings, telling the Evening Standard: "If you’re time poor, getting a cleaner isn’t unnecessarily indulgent. It’s an efficient way to make the most of your own time, which can then be used elsewhere to work towards achieving professional and personal goals."
So it's hard to deny that the article's headline was deliberately inflammatory, playing into the misleading media narrative that millennials are "lazy", "spoiled" and "over-indulged". It's hardly the first article to perpetuate this woefully inaccurate stereotype, and it certainly won't be the last.
Still, at least one Twitter user saw the funny side, joking that he was "going to hire someone to dust my avocados in protest".

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