GDPR Day Is Here & Twitter's Response Is Hilarious

photographed by Tayler Smith.
Very few people have been spared the avalanche of emails from firms trying to comply with new data protection rules that come into effect today.
The rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), mean organisations have been scrambling to get their subscribers' explicit permission to keep emailing them. The new legislation applies to all firms that deal with European Union citizens' data and promises to strengthen consumers' rights.
It will give people the right to find out what information firms are holding about them, and to ask these firms to delete it, unless they can prove they have a good enough reason to retain it.
This is all great news for most of us, but the barrage of recent emails from firms about "changes to [their] privacy policy" and their desperate pleas to get us to opt in to their mailing lists, have been annoying to say the least. Many people turned to humour to help them cope with the tedium.
Another common coping strategy over the last few days? Simply ignoring the emails.
Even the companies and organisations sending the emails sound like they've well and truly had enough, with some grasping at straws to try and keep consumers on board.
Some drew parallels between GDPR day and the historic referendum on abortion taking place in Ireland today.
If firms fail to comply with the regulations they'll be fined up to €20m (£17.5m) or 4% of global annual turnover, whichever figure is higher.

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