Student's Artistic Response To Teacher Who Says "Dial Down The Feminism"

Image: @alexattempts.
It's no secret that the idea of gender equality makes many men feel uncomfortable. A sizeable chunk of them, lifelong beneficiaries of our patriarchal system, feel threatened, puzzled or are simply bored by it. These are attitudes we're used to hearing from powerful men in public life.
But such patronising, anti-feminist viewpoints pervade every realm of our lives and it's our job to call out examples of #EverydaySexism, so props are due to one British art student for her ingenious response to a closed-minded teacher.
Twenty-three-year-old Alex Bertulis-Fernandes (@alexbertanades) was told by her art teacher to "dial down the feminism" in her work – but the young feminist was having none of it and she decided to use the comment as inspiration.
Bertulis-Fernandes created an ingenious piece: a feminist dial below her teacher's phrase, 'dial down the feminism', with 'complicit in my own dehumanisation' at one end and 'raging feminist' at the other. Naturally, the artist has dialled it all the way up.
Her tweet of the image went viral overnight after it was posted on Wednesday evening, racking up more than 42k retweets and 152k likes by Thursday morning.
Twitter users showered Bertulis-Fernandes with praise, with art teachers more progressive than her own applauding her talent and many others encouraging her to create merchandise and exhibit her work publicly.
Since posting the image, Bertulis-Fernandes tweeted that she had been "overwhelmed" by the response and was considering selling prints or T-shirts with the design. "Just trying to figure out the best way to do this. Once I do I will share the details here."
Bertulis-Fernandes has produced other similarly clever artwork in the past, as displayed on her website One piece about 'the advantages of being a Hollywood actress' lists the following: 'Not having to pay as much tax as your male co-stars' and 'getting free publicity whenever you gain or lose weight.'
In another, a spoof ad campaign 'that will never run', she wishes the ailing NHS a speedy recovery, telling it to 'Get well soon'.
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