This Is How Often Brits Actually Wash Their Bedsheets

photographed by Michael Beckert.
There's no shame in admitting that you rarely wash your jeans, and many people only do so when they become ridiculously loose. But bedsheets and towels? There's no way of saying you barely wash those without attracting some, well, dirty looks.
But according to a survey of 3,000 British people, many of us are getting by while hardly washing them at all. The poll, by laundry company Love2Laundry, found that 3% of people wash their bedsheets every six months, while nearly 4% do so just once a year. Grim indeed.
Most people (55%) are hygienic, however, washing them every week as laundry experts recommend, while a further 21% wash them every one to two months, the survey found.
When it comes to towels, which start smelling quickly as they're used so often, nearly one in 10 people (9%) wash them just once a month. Reassuringly, however, almost half of respondents (46%) claimed to wash them once a week, while nearly a third (31%) prefer their bathroom to be even more sterile and wash them every one to two days. The laundry company recommends towels be washed every two days but really, who has the time?
People rarely wash their duvets either, according to the survey, with over a fifth of people (21%) washing them just twice a year, 18% washing them once a year and a staggering 5% going for four whole years without washing them. We dread to think what you'd find if you were to put theirs under a microscope.
It may be acceptable to hardly ever wash your jeans, but according to the survey, more than half of us (51%) are washing them every week, while 16% put them in the washing machine every one to two months. Only a small proportion (4%) wash them once a year, while a similar proportion (6%) do so every six months. How clean are you compared to the general population?
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