The Problem With Ivanka Trump's Go-To Designer

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Before becoming a Senior Advisor in the White House, First Daughter Ivanka Trump was a fashion mogul. Her namesake brand, launched in 2011, was aimed at modern, working women who "might not have the luxury of a wardrobe change to match the many different hats they wear throughout the day," and featured clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and even baby bedding. Since her father was elected into office, her business — much like most other Trump-owned businesses — have become the focus of a discussion of ethics. You see, government officials should not use their role in the government for personal benefit.
A recent study by The Wall Street Journal revealed that out of 68 times the eldest Trump daughter posted her outfits on her official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts since taking her official position through the end of October 2017, she was wearing the Ivanka Trump label in 46 instances. That means that 68% of the time that Ivanka was out on official business, she was also promoting her clothing line. The company, which she owns, is currently placed in a trust run by family members — in this case, her brother-in-law Josh Kushner and her sister-in-law, Nicole Meyer — but she still receives a yearly multi-million dollar income.
According to the WSJ, Ivanka "tries to avoid wearing her brand during state visits" and other "high-profile" events, but given that she is constantly hounded by the paparazzi, and everywhere she goes becomes a highly publicised event, the concession might not be enough. In an earlier interview with CBS in April, she stated that selling her brand would be out of the question because it would allow whoever bought it access to the name of the current president.
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Under any other administration, things like this wouldn't even be a discussion — previous presidents and advisors have wholly gotten rid of all their holdings which might present a conflict of interest — but for the US, in the year 2017, this is just the new normal.

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