The Twitter Reaction To Nigella's Christmas Special Was Better Than The Show

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For some people, it's not Christmas until the festive cookery specials start airing on TV. The cosy houses strewn with a hazardous number of candles. The "friends" enlisted to coo over the celebrity chef's quirky take on a Christmas dinner. The outlandish recipes we know we'll never attempt but like to pretend we might one day... eventually.
Yule kicked off last night for many BBC Two viewers thanks to Nigella’s Christmas special of At My Table. The hour-long show came complete with all the delicious clichés we've come to expect from our favourite celebrity chef – the enviable kitchen (which everyone knows isn't hers, but who really cares?), the coquettish sidelong glances to camera and even a trademark midnight fridge raid, complete with a red silken dressing gown.
Watching Nigella, who's well-known for cooking and behaving as if every day is Christmas, in the company of Twitter was almost as amusing and satisfying as the show itself.
On the menu were roast duck with orange, soy and ginger, parmesan mashed potato gratin, devilled eggs, sticky toffee pudding, chocolate pistachio meringue cookies and a Christmas martini. While the recipes were all characteristically decadent, viewers were particularly concerned about Nigella's liberal use of one ingredient: salt, with many claiming her guests' health was at risk. Cranberries, eggs and caramel were all sprinkled with alarming quantities of the stuff.
Some were concerned about the menu for other reasons...
Others were more amused by Nigella's fascination with fairy lights, which admittedly was weird considering how au fait she must be with them at this point, and her typically flamboyant language.
Some people just seemed rather turned on by the whole experience.
We're already counting down the days until next year's special.
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