May We All Be As Happy As Kristen Bell On Roller Skates

When I was a kid, I was terrified of the couple's skate at the roller rink. The 3-minute song forced skaters to literally put themselves in the spotlight as they risked embarrassment by revealing both who their crushes were and just how great their balance was. To top it all off, I often found myself as the third wheel watching my friends romance in the rink while I sucked down a blue raspberry Slurpee.
But thanks to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, I now have reason to believe strapping on a pair of skates doesn't have to be such a scary experience, and can be, dare I say, fun.
According to People, the beloved celebrity duo gleefully partied it up at Los Angeles' Midnight Rollerway on Saturday night along with their pal Ryan Hansen. Together, they glided, danced, and reminded me that it's possible to let loose on wheels, insecurities be damned.
Here, Bell and Shepard threw their arms in the air like they just didn't care:

COUPLES SKATE!!!!!! @officialmoonlightrollerway

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Who said couple's skates had to be a big flirt fest? Here, Shepard and Hansen proved third wheels can get down like the rest of 'em:

Which dance partner did it better? @hiryanhansen or @kristenanniebell ?!

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In addition to the smiles, the real indicator that this night was a success was that everyone left the venue in one piece, no broken bones in sight.

Incredible night at @officialmoonlightrollerway- not a single broken bone!

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While my tween-aged self had no idea that life could be so carefree, I'm happy for the reminder now. Adulting can be hard! You're expected to pay bills, do regular household chores, and keep up with current events, which, let's be honest, have been less than stellar as of late. What the world needs now is the freedom to get out there and be silly. Skate with your friends, dance in a crowded subway, make your favourite comfort food. Whatever you do, find something that makes you as joyful as Bell on roller skates, because we all deserve happiness.

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