These Doctors Delivering Each Other's Babies Are Best Friend Goals

Photographed by Ashley Armitage.
Your best friend has probably been there for all the important moments in your life, like birthdays, weddings, and maybe even the birth of your children. But one pair of best friends took their friendship to a whole new level by delivering each other's babies.
The two friends from Georgia, Laquita Martinez and Jocelyn Slaughter, are both doctors, and met during their residencies. Martinez helped deliver Slaughter's first child in 2014, and Slaughter recently returned the favour, delivering Martinez's third child in October.
“It was an amazing experience. I was definitely nervous… just operating on your best friend is a little scary, but I knew that I had to do it,” Slaughter told People.
It was an especially emotional moment for the friends, because Martinez had lost her second child at only 26 weeks old in 2014.
"After I lost my child, Jocelyn really showed herself not only as a friend but a sister," Martinez told ABC News. "That was probably one of the most difficult things an OB-GYN could do, was bury my own child."
"After the surgery, I walked out and started crying because she finally had her daughter. That’s what she always wanted," Slaughter told ABC.
"I was just so happy that I was able to give her her daughter like she gave me my daughter," she also told People.
When she found out that her best friend was pregnant again, Slaughter said she knew she had to be the one delivering Martinez's child.
"When you're operating on your best friend, it is a little nerve-wracking," she said, "but I knew I had to do it. Nobody else could do this except for me."

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