Lady Gaga Puts The Brakes On Her Show To Aid An Injured Fan

Going to concerts, while extremely fun, can be a dangerous dance with fate. Think of it: You're standing in a crowd of thousands of people who, like you, are stoked out of their minds to see their favourite performers. While wrapped up in the excitement, limbs have a tendency to fly and people sometimes get hurt. But it's not every day you actually see an artist stop an entire show to personally check in to make sure an injured fan is going to be OK. Of course, Lady Gaga is no ordinary musician: She's the hero we need but don't necessarily deserve.
According to Glamour, Mother Monster pumped the brakes on her show in Connecticut on Saturday evening after seeing a fan bleeding in the audience. A video of the encounter later circulated on Twitter, showing a mic'd Gaga assuring the young woman that she would help provide assistance.
"Hi, I just looked over and I saw. Are you doing all right?" Gaga can be heard saying in the video. "Are you gonna stay? Do you need some extra help? Do you need a paramedic? They're on their way? OK."
Fortunately, medics were quick to respond, and the fan received the care she needed. Before continuing on with the show, Gaga told the crowd, "What we all need to remember is that there are some things that are more important than show business."
Gaga, of course, knows this truth all too well. Over the past year, she's opened up about her battle with fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal disorder that causes people to experience chronic pain and fatigue. At one point, the singer was suffering so badly that she ultimately canceled some of her tour stops to focus on her health and recovery.
In a time where celebrities are constantly monitored on their social media pages and in public, it's refreshing to see Gaga advocating for physical and mental wellness, not just on her personal accounts but also at her live shows. Here's hoping more artists will follow in her bedazzled footsteps.

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