Prue Leith Accidentally Revealed The Bake Off Winner & The Internet Can't Handle It

Let's all just take a minute to thank our lucky stars that we're not Prue Leith right now. This morning, the Great British Bake Off judge committed the cardinal sin of accidentally revealing who had won the final, which doesn't air in the UK until this evening.
In her misjudged tweet – which obviously we're not going to include here and has since been deleted – Leith said she "wanted [all three finalists] to win" before saying "bravo" to one of them. It may seem like the most basic of errors – but she did have a vaguely legitimate reason.
Speaking in the aftermath of the astronomical gaffe, Leith said she was in Bhutan and confused by the "massive" six-hour time difference between the Asian country and the UK, thinking the show had already aired.
Understandably, she was "in too much of a state to talk about it" in any more detail and has since apologised on Twitter, while Channel 4 said it had no further comment. Things had been going so well with the new-look GBBO that you've really got to feel for her.
No surprises for guessing how a large section of Twitter reacted to the blunder – the memes, GIFs and witticisms couldn't be much better. "Bravo" to all involved.
Many played on the supposed rivalry between Leith and the former dame of GBBO, Mary Berry.
While others suggested Leith could try employing the Kevin Spacey defence.
Others were just bloody peeved off, tbh.
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