What Happened When Women Asked Their Crushes Out

It doesn't matter who you are, asking your crush out on a date can be so nerve-wracking. What will they say? Should I call it a date or just suggest that we hang out? What do I say if they say no?
Sometimes you just need a little push of encouragement. Blogger Oloni proposed a challenge to her female Twitter followers to do just that: "Ladies ask that guy you fancy out on a date and tweet me a screen shot of his response," she wrote. Her followers were up for the challenge.
Here's what happened.
The first one was off to a great start. She kept it simple, writing, "Hi, would you like to go on a date with me?" Her crush was down for a date, but like most of us, she didn't think past the ask. "I didn't know what to say after he said yes," she shared in response to the blogger.
Soon, more of Oloni's followers were sharing screenshots of their texts. Their captions say it all. Many were happy with the outcome. Some were surprised that they got up the courage to ask – proof that you never know unless you try.
Some had to ease into it. Jumping straight into it doesn't work for everyone.
Italian restaurant Vapiano got in on the action offering to pick up the tab for three of the newly planned dates.
Not everyone got the response they were looking for, but hey, isn't it better to know than to be left wondering?
Throughout the entire thread, fellow commentors were getting invested in each other's tweets and rooting for each other's success.
Twitter challenge or no Twitter challenge, it is a good reminder to take a chance sometimes. You never know what will happen: Maybe your crush has wanted to ask you out too, and didn't know if you'd be interested.
Moral of the story: Dating is confusing sometimes and whenever we can make it simpler, we should.
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