This Woman Was The Sole Passenger On A Jet2 Flight (& Had The Time Of Her Life)

The thought of flying to your holiday destination without having your seat kicked from behind or being rudely awoken by a group of rowdy lads is the stuff of dreams. Imagine not having to feel guilty each time your make your way to the loo from your window seat. Heavenly.
So, we're more than a little envious of a woman who bagged not just a row of seats to herself – but the whole plane. Karon Grieve, from Dunlop in Ayrshire, Scotland, paid just £46 for a flight from Glasgow to Crete and was astounded to find she was the only passenger on board, the BBC reported.
The budget Jet2 flight, which normally carries 189 passengers, had three people booked in but Grieve was the only one to show up. The airline said it's "not unusual" for flights at the end of the season to be deserted and Grieve's was the last journey of the year from Glasgow Airport to Crete.
As you'd hope, considering the staff outnumbered her by some margin, Grieve was treated like a VIP. They were all on "best friend terms before [they'd] even got on the plane," she told the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme. "The captain was fantastic. She came and sat beside me while the first officer did all the flight checks and we were chatting away about the flight."
Grieve even had the "surreal" experience of being personally addressed by the pilot from the cockpit. "Every time she made an announcement she said, 'Hi there Karon, you'll see Croatia on your left-hand side'," said Grieve.
"Then we flew through this amazing lightning storm and she suddenly came on and said, 'Hi Karon and the girls, quickly run to the other side of the plane and look at this, it's amazing'. It was just surreal."
Grieve booked the trip to spend a month in Crete writing her crime novel, which is the icing on the cake of an already unbelievably charming story. The downside, though, is obviously the environmental impact that the arguably unnecessary flight will have had. Hopefully Jet2 doesn't make a habit of it.

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