Courtney Love Put An Unexpected Twist On A Selena Gomez Hit

One of the greatest things about the music community is that despite the differences between genres, artists can appreciate each other for simply getting out there and creating. Musicians often borrow from each other's sounds, and every so often, they take someone else's song and make it their own.
Don't think bluegrass and Snoop Dogg go together? Listen to The Gourds cover "Gin and Juice." Have trouble imagining anyone singing Taylor Swift's pop songs with more finesse than she does? Please check out Ryan Adams' cover of her entire 1989 album. (I know I'll get berated for this, but it is hands-down a better version.)
Now, I'd like to introduce you to a completely unexpected cover that you never knew you needed but totally do: Courtney Love singing Selena Gomez' "Hands To Myself."
Love sang the 2015 hit at the GLAAD Spirit Day concert in Los Angeles alongside Justin Tranter, who not only was the host of the event but was also one of the song's writers. Before Love took the stage, Tranter praised the grunge-rock queen for being his inspiration.
"I want to bring up the most special guest in the world," he said before she walked onstage in a little black dress and dark lipstick. "When I was a little baby musical theatre queen, there was one woman that made me want to start writing songs. She was a feminist before it was cool, an LGBTQ activist before it was cool. She is the queen of rock and roll."
The nearly two-minute cover was very Hole, with Love droning Gomez' upbeat lyrics in her slightly monotone voice to the underground-sounding rhythm of drums, guitar, and bass. No bright synth or layered harmonies to be found here, folks. Sure, the performance was no "Violet," but at least it reminded us that Love's still got it.

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