This Is How Attractive Most People Think They Are – Compared To Their Partners

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
If you've ever caught an episode of Your Face or Mine?, you'll know it's fascinating - and often pretty awkward - to see couples deciding which one of them is better-looking.
So in a way, it's reassuring to hear that according to a new YouGov poll, most people in the UK think their partner is more physically attractive than them.
Some 56% of respondents to the poll said they consider their partner more attractive, while 35% said their partner is on the same level of attractiveness as them. Just 9% said they think their partner is less attractive.
Interestingly, the poll also found that people in the UK are quite likely to rate their own attractiveness as average. When respondents were asked to score themselves on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most physically attractive, more respondents chose a 5 than any other number. Meanwhile, just 2% of respondents rated themselves a flawless 10 out of 10.
YouGov found that younger people are likely to rate their attractiveness higher than older people, which, sadly, is no great surprise given the way society can erase older women in particular. The poll also found that there's no difference in how men and women rate their attractiveness.
However, there is a disparity in how men and women visualise their ideal partner. Some 51% of men said they'd like a partner in the 8-10 attractiveness bracket - compared to just 32% of women. Nearly twice as many women than men said they prefer an average-looking partner.
Of course, physical attractiveness is a pretty subjective thing, and only one component of what makes someone appealing romantically. Maybe YouGov's next poll could ask people to decide how good a partner they think they are? Now, those are some results we'd like to see!

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