Poor Becky G Got Hauled Off Stage By Fifth Harmony's Security Mid-Song

Photo: Heidi Gutman/ABc/Getty Images.
Justice for Becky G! Just try to watch this video without getting some severe secondhand embarrassment. During a performance in Argentina during a stop on Fifth Harmony's PSA tour, a fan account captured a cringe-worthy moment during the group's performance of "All In My Head (Flex)."
Just as "Shower" singer Becky G ran on stage for what was likely a previously planned feature performance with the girls, she was stopped by security (who probably thought she was just a fan) and immediately pulled off stage. I don't know where to look or what to do with my hands.
Let's examine the reactions. My favourite is Normani Kordei, because we can see her brain processing what just happened but she doesn't miss a beat of the choreography. Behind her Ally Brooke motions for Becky G to come back, but there must still be some confusion with security, because eventually she struts over and pulls Becky back on stage herself while singing her solo.
"Welcome Becky G!" Ally yells as Becky resumes her original plan. She gets right back on the horse, so to speak, and at least isn't outwardly shaken by this serious blow to her ego.
As other videos show, Becky stays on stage for a decent amount of time, dancing with the singers and even tying a banner around Dinah Jane's waist.
This moment, and the support they had for each other on stage, is the definition of girl power, which Fifth Harmony is all about.
"I feel like, low-key, to a certain point, we were all going through it alone," Lauren Jauregui told Refinery29 during a Facebook Live interview about the band's early days. "We were all in our own world, and also, the context of being in a girl group, it's kind of hard sometimes as well because the world pits you against each other whether you want to be or not."
I think it's safe to assume security won't be making this (honestly, kind of understandable, since she was running on stage with a banner) mistake again.
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