These Six UK Regions Are Going To Trial Super-Fast Broadband

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
When it comes to broadband speed, faster is always better, so it's encouraging to hear that several UK regions are going to trial lightning-quick full fibre networks.
The government has announced today that full fibre broadband networks will be piloted at businesses, schools, and hospitals in six UK regions: Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire; West Sussex; West Yorkshire; Greater Manchester; Coventry and Warwickshire; and Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset.
The full fibre networks will enable surfing speeds of 1 Gigabit or 1,000 Mb/Sec - around 60 times faster than the average broadband speed in the UK. The government said in a press release that the new, super-fast broadband will enable hospitals to shared HD medical scans more quickly, businesses to serve more customers online, and schools to stream a greater number of educational videos at the same time.
"How we live and work today is directly affected by how good our broadband connection is," Andrew Jones MP said in the press release. "Reliable connections enable new industries to flourish, help create jobs and give people flexibility in how and where they work."
He added: "Full fibre connections are the gold standard and we are proud to announce today the next step to get Britain better connected."
The news is especially welcome in the light of a recent report which found that the UK's average broadband speed idles behind that enjoyed by the US, Canada, New Zealand, and many European countries.

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