The Internet Is Rallying Around This Mum Who Made Her Very First Meme

If you've been on the internet over the past week, you've probably read some warning or another about the dangers of looking at the sun without glasses during the eclipse. A mum named Michelle just expressed our collective annoyance with these (albeit accurate) warnings in the form of a brilliant (no pun intended) meme, Buzzfeed reports.
The meme shows Cyclops from X-Men in the glasses he has to wear to avoid shooting lasers from his eyes, and it reads, "when you wear special glasses to protect the eclipse from your eyes."
"She had actually been getting tired of everyone texting her and posting online about not looking directly at the eclipse without protection," Michelle's 20-year-old daughter Sasha told Refinery29. "She ended up making the joke as a response to all the warnings. She was very proud of it and decided to turn it into a meme."
Michelle sent the meme to Sasha and asked her to post it on Twitter, hoping it would go viral. And it did. In addition to laughing at Michelle's witty take on something we've become all too familiar with, people were charmed by the fact that this is a mom's first meme. The tweet's racked up over 210,000 likes and 90,000 retweets.
People are very impressed that this was the first meme she's made. In fact, it'd be a solid meme even for a veteran meme-maker.
Someone even revised it to attribute it to its creator.
After learning of her internet-wide fame, Michelle asked that we call her "memer mom," and we can't think of a better title.
"Lately, people have been enjoying 'pure' memes and find it refreshing," Sasha told Refinery29. "The whole innocence of a mom making memes and trying to learn how the internet works with these things seems to really appeal to people."
We hope Michelle's around in seven years for the next total solar eclipse so she can supply us with another amazing twist on all the related press coverage. Maybe she can even create something that convinces Donald Trump to wear glasses.
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