Pokémon Makeup Brushes Are Perfect For '90s Kids Who Are Sick Of Unicorns

I wish I loved anything now half as much as I loved Pokémon as a kid. Long before I got angry at my mum for her completely bonkers political views, I got so pissed at her for pronouncing it as Poké-MAN. I didn’t even care about the cards — it was all about the early 8-bit Game Boy, with the shitty black-and-white graphics and the huge plastic cartridge you shoved in the top to open up a whole new world of Pikachu and friends. I still feel a little wistful when I think about the theme song from the original animated series: Pokémon, gotta catch ‘em / Aheart so true / Our courage will pull us through / Pokémon / oh, you’re my best friend / in a world we must defend.
Everyone was obsessed with the Pokémon Go app for a month or two last summer, but it’s been all about unicorns and mermaids and Lisa Frank ever since. Until now! Etsy user SimbaeShop has created a full nine-piece set of Pokémon makeup brushes, and they are the real deal. There’s a fan brush, a flat shader brush, a large blending brush, a small blending brush, a pencil brush, a small flat shade brush, a small pencil brush, an eyeliner brush, and a lip brush. Each one features a different species of Pokémon, and you will want to — dare I say it? — catch ‘em all.
You can score the whole crew on Etsy for £34.12 — which seems like a pretty fair price to relive the best parts of your childhood without draining your phone battery before you’ve even left the house à la Go.
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