9 Skincare Lessons We Learned From Dermatologists

Taking care of your skin can seem like an ongoing battle if you're not sure where to start. We're constantly being fed trends that put the real, science-supported information on the back burner. Should we be double cleansing? Do we really need to use a toner? How often should we use an exfoliant or peel? Do the face masks that look fun to use actually do anything? How badly will a hangover, our period or pollution affect our skin? With so many questions, we're in need of some expert advice to cut through the noise.
We asked a group of dermatologists, all experts in their field, to tell us their number one tip – whether it's something they're constantly reminding clients of, or see people doing too much. From tried-and-tested classics to some more surprising advice, ahead you'll find a nine-point guide to mastering your skincare regime.

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