This 14-Year-Old Got A Hammer Stuck In Her Mouth Because Of A K-Pop Band

"How do you tell your mum that you got a hammer stuck in your mouth?" There's a question we never expected anyone to have to ask. But thanks to a 14-year-old named Kaylee, we now have an answer: You tweet about it and then show your mum afterward, once the hammer's safely extracted from the mouth.
In case you're wondering how it got there in the first place, Kaylee has an entertaining — if unconventional — explanation. She was sending her friend photos of the K-Pop band BTS, and she just couldn't handle lead rapper Min Yoon-gi's beautiful blonde hair. So she said, "He’s so beautiful I could shove a hammer in my mouth."
"I was not prepared to look at pictures of blonde Yoon-gi, and that made me say anything at the time," she told Refinery29. She takes full credit for the creative figure of speech. "I completely made it up," she said.
Her friend then decided to take the claim literally and accuse her of exaggerating. So to prove that she was for real, Kaylee actually took a hammer, put it in her mouth, and photographed this impressive physical feat. The problem was that she then couldn't get it out. She started to freak out when she realised she might have to explain it to her mum. Several Twitter users pointed out that she probably wouldn't be able to, since there was a hammer blocking her mouth, Buzzfeed reports.
Fortunately, thanks to 10 minutes of hard work, she figured it out herself. "I took it out side-by-side," she told Refinery29. "My mum didn't know until I showed her the tweet."
While this ordeal was no doubt stressful, it did teach Kaylee a valuable lesson, she told Buzzfeed: "There are ways to channel your excitement, and shoving a hammer in your mouth probably isn’t the best."

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