Peel-Off Foundation Looks Like A Total Magic Trick

There's something oddly satisfying about peeling a mask off your face — but could other beauty products have this same peel-off design? Apparently, peel-off foundation is also a thing, Hello Giggles reports, and vlogger Raye Boyce just put it to the test.
In a YouTube video, she tries on the the not4u Real Skin Patch, which costs around £16 and comes from South Korea. She explains that the benefit of peel-off foundation — aside from the fun of peeling it off — is that it'll protect your skin from getting dirty, which can help prevent breakouts. It actually doesn't work as a foundation in of itself — you put foundation on over it to create a peel-off foundation layer.
After spreading it all over her face and fanning it dry, Boyce says, "If I were to describe how it feels on the skin, it feels like I applied a thin layer of a peel-off mask." But after she brushes on foundation, it starts peeling off on its own.
The verdict? "It's not working, guys," she concludes. "When you see products on Instagram, you can't always believe it." But she thinks the issue might be that she put on too much, so she tries again with a thin layer. Then it starts peeling yet again. "It definitely changes the texture of my skin. I feel like my skin texture is better without this on, but I guess you gotta choose: a little more texture of a bunch of pimples," she says.
Just to be sure, she then applies a medium amount of the Real Skin Patch then uses a sponge instead of a brush to put on her foundation. But it's still peeling, and the contour turns out splotchy. Unfortunately, it sounds like this may be one of those products that's better in theory than in practice.

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