Who Is Carley? Just A Girl Whose Messy Desktop Is Traumatising Twitter Users

The screenshots that typically go viral are ones of bizarre texts, dating app interactions, and emoji fails. But this week brought a new entry to the category of "strange habits that terrorise and intrigue the web": Screenshots of a very cluttered desktop.
Aida Said, a 21-year-old marketing intern from Michigan, tweeted three screenshots of said messy desktop, all belonging to her friend Carley. Each screenshot, texted one day after another, shows a progressively messier screen.
"She sends them to me because she knows it makes me very uncomfortable," Said wrote Refinery29. "It makes my skin crawl and that's what she's here for."
The over 400 responses the tweet received were nothing short of cataclysmic.
Besides the disgust and anxiety expressed, debates over how to deal with the problem emerged. One user suggested archiving all of the items in a folder. Another pointed out that may solve the desktop wreck, but would simply be moving the mess elsewhere.
Others shared photos of their own desktops, offering self-help tips for clearing the clutter.
The real issue, as some pointed out, is that any screenshot you take automatically saves to your desktop. Unless you remember to put these in the trash, they quickly pile up.
Despite the wrath that Carley has faced, she isn't intending to change her ways.
"She likes seeing the chaos and disgusted reactions unfold," Said wrote Refinery29. "She wants to clean her desktop, but because she doesn't want to give people that satisfaction, she's going to keep adding more files onto it."
Consider this the first documented sadistic approach to desktop management.
The two friends have particularly enjoyed how meticulously people have inspected the contents of Carley's desktop, such as the observation that many of the screenshots show covers of Kanye West albums.
Although Said noted that she prefers to place screenshots in a folder, and pretend they don't exist, allow us to suggest an application of the KonMari Method: Keep only the silly GIFs, screenshots, and documents that bring you joy. Otherwise, dump them and don't look back.

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