Gwyneth Paltrow Has A Message For Goop Detractors

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Gwyneth Paltrow knows that plenty of people think Goop is silly. Namely, she knows that Jen Gunter, MD, an OB/GYN and a pain medicine physician, has had plenty to say about Goop, having previously debunked many of the wellness brand's claims.
On Thursday, the Goop team posted a lengthy defense of their ethos on the site's blog, directed particularly toward Gunter and her penchant for writing epic Goop takedowns.
The post, written by "Team goop," takes aim at "third parties who critique goop to leverage interest [in the brand] and bring attention to themselves."
The blog post cited a Q&A that Goop ran in January with "beauty guru/healer/inspiration/friend" Shiva Rose about jade eggs, as well as Gunter's subsequent response to it. (For what it's worth, we wrote our own take, which you can find here.)
"A San Francisco-based OB-GYN/blogger posted a mocking response on her site, which has the tagline: 'Wielding the Lasso of Truth.'" the post reads. "(We also love Wonder Woman, though we’re pretty sure she’s into women taking ownership of female sexual pleasure.)"
It's unclear who exactly is behind the "Team goop" signature at the end of this post, but Paltrow herself tweeted the post, even quoting Michelle Obama in the process.
The blog post also addresses Gunter's post about the jade eggs, which Team goop said "was partially based on her own strangely confident assertion that putting a crystal in your vagina for pelvic-floor strengthening exercises would put you in danger of getting Toxic Shock Syndrome—even though there is no study/case/report which links the two—and also stating with 100 percent certainty that conventional tampons laden with glyphosate (classified by the WHO as probably carcinogenic) are no cause for concern."
It doesn't end there — the Goop team also recruited their own resident consulting doctors to respond to Gunter's criticisms.
"First, Dr. Gunter, I have been in academic medicine for forty years and up until your posting, have never seen a medical discussion start or end with the 'F-bomb,' yet yours did," Steven Gundry, MD, wrote, addressing Gunter's criticism of his piece on "what makes food healthy." "A very wise Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan once instructed me to never write anything that my mother or child wouldn’t be proud to read. I hope, for the sake of your mother and child, that a re-reading of your article fails his test, and following his sage advice, that you will remove it."
The jury's out on whether or not Goop really "went high" here, though Dr. Gunter has addressed the post on her Twitter page — and is apparently preparing a full response to follow, which we can't wait to read. And as she says, she's not the only one to have questioned the lifestyle brand's claims.

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