A Woman Asked A Stranger To Her Sister's Wedding… And Then Married Him

How's this for a 21st century meet cute? Back in 2014, a woman was preparing for her sister's wedding and jokily asked her Twitter followers for a date. Little did she know, three years later she'd end up marrying the man who replied to her tweet.
It all started on the 6th July 2014, when Londoner Llia Apostolou put a callout on the social media site asking for a man to "borrow" for the event the following weekend, the Mirror reported.
"Bonus points if you can source a baby that I can pretend is mine too," she joked. We all know that turning up to a family wedding alone is bound to incite a few prying questions. Sad but true – even in 2017.
A lovely man named Phil saw Llia's tweet and decided to reach out – what was there to lose? (While he didn't have a baby, he did have a suit.)
Llia seemed keen.
Phil needed to clarify a few things, but even his family were on board with the impromptu union – which, in hindsight, is a clear sign the pair's relationship was meant to be.
The chemistry was palpable – even through a handful of tweets – and the banter didn't stop.
Llia has since pointed out that Phil never actually accompanied to her sister's wedding – but the couple did tie the knot themselves almost three years to the day since her first tweet.
They met in real life for the first time within a week of their first correspondence and evidently things went pretty well.
Who needs Tinder when you're on Twitter?

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