Netflix's To The Bone Trailer Has Been Accused Of Glamorising Anorexia

Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Courtesy of Netflix.
Netflix released the trailer for To The Bone earlier this week, its upcoming comedy drama about a young woman with anorexia, and many have accused the streaming service of glamorising eating disorders.
The trailer shows protagonist Ellen, played by Lily Collins, who has spoken about her own struggle with anorexia as a teenager, smiling triumphantly after counting calories, compulsively exercising and fainting, before reluctantly entering a treatment programme.
Many on social media said it made them concerned about how the disorder will be portrayed in the film, with some suggesting it could be triggering for vulnerable viewers and may romanticise mental illness.
The critics have been somewhat vindicated by the fact that many anorexia sufferers and pro-anorexia websites and social media accounts have already described To The Bone as "thinspiration". "I really wanna talk down on To The Bone, but honestly, Lily Collins looks so freaking good in it, I'm just using it as thinspo," one person wrote (which we're not going to link to for obvious reasons).
Some also accused Netflix of being irresponsible for making a recovered anorexia sufferer lose weight for a role.
Not everyone was offended by it, however. Some said the criticism was overblown considering the film was made by people with experience of eating disorders, and the fact that no one's even seen the film in full yet, and they hoped To The Bone would portray mental health responsibly.
Some suggested the film should be praised for bringing attention to mental illness.
If the two-minute trailer has triggered such a reaction, it seems likely the full-length film will cause even more of a debate when it is released.
If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please call Beat on 0345 634 1414. Support and information is available 365 days a year.

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