Selena Gomez's Hair In Her "Bad Liar" Music Video Is Almost As Good As The Song

Selena Gomez can do pretty much anything. She’s a singer, actress, executive producer for a hit Netflix series — and somehow still has free time to test her skills as a badass makeup artist (who can wear a cat eye better than anyone we know). And now, to add to her laundry list of skills, she’s proving that she can pull off four different hair looks all at once.
In her “Bad Liar” music video, which just dropped today, you can see Gomez is wearing a few retro wigs in order to transform into four different characters: a gym teacher, a high school student, and the student’s mother and father. Her acting is spot-on, of course — but her 1970s-inspired hairstyles are even better.
For starters, Gomez's transformation into a blonde, Farrah Fawcett-looking character immediately caught our attention. In the role of the gym teacher, the singer's large-barrel curls and flipped-out bangs are giving us major flashbacks to the OG Charlie's Angels days. But it's not just the blond 'do that screams the 70s. The main character's tiny half-up plaits were just as cool to wear to Woodstock back in the day as they are on-trend with today's current braid craze.
Oh, and we're pretty sure our own dads rocked the same fluffy haircut and matching 'state, too. To top it off, while playing the character of "mom," Gomez paired a voluminous blow out with bright blue eyeshadow and flouncy lashes. Somehow, every single one of these looks has never felt more in vogue. Check out the video above, and let us know your favorite hairstyles from "Bad Liar" in the comments below.
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